Billion Dollar Phrase

Is there such thing as a billion dollar phrase? Can a domain name be worth a million dollars or a billion dollars? Domain names have sold for millions of dollars in the past and will likely do so well into the future. Knowing which domain name is a valuable catch phrase is like trying to predict the winning numbers in the lottery.

Is foresight of the optimal combinations of letters, symbols, numbers and / or words possible? Your ability to be creative in combination with your level of intelligence will determine your domain name savviness. You need to be able to figure out which popular or emerging trends will have a value for a business or organization.

Let us suppose that you are capable of conceiving of the most popular phrase and you are able to buy a domain name at the most relevant extension to accompany it. Does this ensure that you will be able to rank the domain name highly on Search Engines? Will you be able to sell advertising space on it or be able to sell the domain name and / or website to a business or organization?

Even if the domain name is relevant to a specific industry or business area there is no guarantee that you can convince others of the applicable value. Moreover, can you be certain that the domain name is not trademarked by a company in your country of residence and / or internationally? That is right. There are international trademark registrations. But how can you search these words or phrases globally?

The World Intellectual Property Organization is a great place to start your world-wide search for protected trademarks. These links are useful:

If the prospective domain name and extension are available for registration without infringement implications, then you still need to be sure that you will be able to properly pre-register or priority pre-register your new generic top-level domain name. There are also various phases that are based on the proximity or nearness of the date of public release of the domain name, which can be subscribed to for the right price(s). Therefore, the greater your budget and the more daring you hope to be the more likely your chances of securing your desired domain name.

To find out release dates for new generic top-level domains this website seems to be a great reference:

Happy searching and securing your dream phrase.




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