The Way It Is In the World

There are rules everywhere. Policies, practices, codes of conduct seem to exist in every area of one’s life. General rules, specific rules. If you live in a condominium there are internal rules. A cooperative housing project also has rules, which may be classified as bylaws. Every person who lives in a certain place and / or who visits that residential area is expected and required to comply with these rules.

Even more so in society at large there are laws. Certainly everyone in the society, locally and nationally is expected to comply with laws. The difference perhaps between a rule and a law is that one can move to a different place and / or disconnect from subscription to a society or group and no longer be bound by rules or customs. The same cannot be said about laws. No one can choose to disobey a law, that is, without being punished, either by way of fine or sentence.

Now that we have discussed rules and laws, let us ponder into how one is expected to adhere to and / or follow these codes of behavior. One is simply born into the world and into a specific location. One is now expected to follow the laws and rules of that place. Is this reasonable?

One will likely never be taught laws or rules in school. Is one expected to innately know what is expected of them, or should one learn the rules and laws by osmosis; simply be absorbing knowledge from those with whom one interacts regularly? Or are parents expected to teach morals to their children and these morals are supposed to instill in them a sense of right and wrong?

It is strange that we live in a world and in a society where people are just expected to know things and yet are not given instruction in what they must know. For example when in school were you taught how to file your income tax return? Certainly every adult is expected to file one? If you will need to know this practice, then you should learn how to perform this task as a result of practice. Even if you walk your dog, you must know where you can walk it, whether it must be on a leash and know that you must pick-up after it. These practices are bylaws. While these bylaws are usually posted on signs in areas that people will likely walk a dog, one is not ever given a booklet that details the bylaws for the area where they reside. Nevertheless one is obligated to comply with the ordinances as assigned.










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