Warranty App

Warranty App

Is there such thing as a warranty application (app)? If there is not yet an application for mobile devices and computers of all types that allows purchasers to scan their receipts and warranties, in order to have the information sorted and cataloged for later retrieval and review, then there certainly should be one created soon.

An application that contains relevant and useful data, which one would need to qualify for a replacement item as part warranty coverage would be of the greatest possible value.

Items necessary for warranty:

  • Actual receipt containing the following details:
  • Serial number of product
  • Date of purchase
  • Store ID
  • Method of Payment (Debit Card, Credit Card, Cash)
  • Universal Price Code
  • Item Identification Number
  • Transaction number

The reason a person would need this information and an application of this type is in case a product stops working or begins to malfunction. Why should someone need to buy a replacement product if the item they purchased is fully covered under a warranty? Even though a warranty may state that a replacement will be provided. The receipt is the most important requirement, along with the actual product for warranty redemption of a purchased item.

Usually for electronics and items that use electricity, such as cooking grills and microwave ovens, the manufacturer / supplier will want to diagnose issues via the internet or request that the purchaser run various tests, before a replacement item will be provided. Some companies will want the old / original product to be sent back / returned before a new / replacement product will be given to the customer.

Some companies will send packing slips to be affixed to the box for the item to be returned. Other companies, depending on the purchased product, will only want the electrical cord / plug to be sent by mail. For certain items, such as printers, fax machines or old scanners, the manufacture may only request smart recycling practices that comply with municipal and federal environmental standards.

When requesting assistance with a purchased product you should note the date and time of each telephone call wherein you express a complaint about your purchased product. These details are very important and should be provided when you finally request a replacement item. It shows your effort to follow a reasonable plan to get help with your product prior to asking for a new one. You may not always get a new product. Instead you could receive a refurbished item, which may not be of the same quality as the one you initially bought.

At the time of purchase you can usually buy an extended warranty for your product. Many credit card companies usually provide an additional year of product / service coverage, in addition to the initial year of coverage offered by the manufacturer and as a supplement to an extended warranty plan. You should contact your credit card company to find out the unique warranty option covered under your credit card member’s policy.


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