Thus Spoke John Galt

Thus Spoke John Galt

In the book Atlas Shrugged, whenever an idea, thought or statement seemed so bizarre that it could not be explained, a reference was made; being: “Who is John Galt?” Herein this article the reference will be used in the same manner.

Thus spoke John Galt:

  • Why when people are carded on the street they are asked for identification; instead of being given a card that contains useful information on resources, such as; shelters, legal advice, medical clinics, social service agency contacts?
  • Why is money spent on slandering candidates, during election periods, rather than on allocating the much needed funds to help people in need?
  • Why are matters of no importance the main focus during election campaigns, as means of detracting attention from real issues?
  • Politicians speak confidently and loudly about matters of no substance and softly about important issues.
  • Why is money spent on promoting causes to help the poor, rather than money actually being given to the poor?
  • Why are there rules in condominiums that everyone must follow, which no one can actually know? Since not all rules are posted.
  • To qualify as being poor enough to receive social assistance one must declare that one has at least some money.
  • To get food from a food bank there are sometimes application forms to be completed. What if the recipient is illiterate? Perhaps the applicant is also hungry, unemployed and does not speak the local language. Or maybe the person has no phone and / or address? How can this person be expected to complete the necessary form(s)?
  • To qualify for housing assistance, one must have a current address from which one will move.
  • To be considered capable of doing a job one must prove that one has already worked in the same role and has relevant experience. How can one gain the necessary experience if one has not worked in this area of expertise?
  • To be eligible for employment counseling one has to prove that one can find a job and be considered job ready and / or capable of working.
  • To qualify for legal aid one must demonstrate some source of income and / or savings.
  • Schools don’t teach one how to complete a tax return, but one must know how file one’s tax return before one graduates.
  • People are permitted to smoke cigarettes and not simultaneously required to have health insurance.
  • Soda pop and bottled water are more expensive than alcohol / liquor on a cruise ship.
  • To make a telephone call on a cruise ship can cost more than a fancy drink.
  • You can order almost any food for delivery, but not fruit or milk.


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