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Search Engine Optimization is a seemingly obscure phenomenon. Is it really as complicated as it seems? Perhaps SEO is a science. Every science has a system and set rules or procedures used during the experimental process.

Effective SEO requires logic principles and the proper application of defined processes. The first step is to register a domain name with a Google Analytics and insert a Google’s Analytics’ tracking code on your website. This is similar, in principle, to registering the address of a house in a new subdivision, with the relevant municipality where it is situated. The next step is to confirm the website address or domain name URL: Uniform Resource Locator with Google Webmaster Tools; either via a of property ownership identifier via the registrar of the Generic Top Level Domain. You can also post a Google Webmaster Tools Meta Tag in the <head> section of the html or other code or script used to design your website.

After you have completed the confirmation steps successfully, as noted above, you will want to link the domain name or property between your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools accounts. Creating a submitting a Sitemap, for your website, is the next required step for maximum SEO results and top ranking on Google, as well as other Search Engines.

Once you have submitted the Sitemap, be sure to test it to ensure that there are no page display errors encountered by the Google robot that crawls your website. Next you will want to add a Robots.txt file to grant and / or limit access to various pages of your website. You may not want all pages crawled. If you have certain proprietary pages that contain confidential files or personal details, then you may restrict access to these pages. Also, if you have certain product pages that you only want to be made visible upon purchase of the electronic file, then you can input a Do Not Follow protocol in your Robots.txt file. You should test your Robots.txt file to be sure that it is functioning properly, with ‘allow’ or ‘disallow’ permission options, which will notify the robot whether or not it should have access to some or all pages of your website. You should then submit your website to be Crawled, using the ‘fetch’ and ‘render’ option. After your website has been fully rendered, you will want to submit it to be indexed in the Google Search Engine.


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