Perceived Reality

How much of your perceived reality is real versus the degree of imagined fiction in your life? 

Does the way you conceive of your world effect the way the world interacts with you? Are your thoughts and beliefs about people accurate? Perhaps what we believe to be true about others is partially correct. The remaining part of the real nature and behavior of others is possibly dependent on our relationship with them. 

People are different to various people. The variation of others is related to the relationship that they have with us. Each person may seem different to every other person with whom they interact. Bill is not the same person to Tom that he is to Jane. Bill is always Bill in who he is as a person and as a man. But Bill is different in each relationship with everyone he knows. 

This theory begs the question: Is who one is dependent on who people believe one to be in reality? Is one a construct of many other people’s perceptions and projections of them? If one changes one’s friends, then does one become a new person? Perhaps this is a possibility.

The Bible claims that: ‘Wisdom is found in the company of the wise’ and ‘Folly is found amongst fools’. Also ‘Poverty is found among the poor’ and ‘Wealth found among the wealthy’. Does mere association with a group of people determine one’s position as a wise or wealthy person? Perhaps one’s mindset and thought process will change when immersed in a group of wise or rich people so that their behaviors and thinking processes spread to other members of the group. If this correct, then is wisdom a mindset or is it a phenomenon that rests upon certain individuals at certain times. 

If mere association with a group mentality enriches one’s standing in reality, then by reading about wise or rich people should likewise enhance oneself to some degree. If joining group of wise or wealthy people makes one gain wisdom and wealth, then one should join every Meetup group for wise or rich people and in a short or long time one will join their ranks and become wise or wealthy. 

The same result could be achieved for health and fitness. One could become more healthy and fit by becoming friends with and hanging out with healthy and fit people. Eventually one would begin to emulate behaviors related to health and fitness and enrich ones overall wellness.


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