Parting of the Red Sea

Did you ever hear the story about the Red Sea splitting in the Bible? Some people claim that it was really the Reed Sea or some other waterway. Regardless of your belief on where the event occurred, let us look at the lessons to learnt from the narrative of the story.

The Hebrews were enslaved by the ancient Egyptians. Even though there is no logical reason why the Egyptian empire, which at that time was the leading society of the time, would need slaves, the Biblical record states that this was the case, so will we not discuss the why here. We could, however, inquire as to the why? If Egypt was already built, then what was really to be built? The so-called storage cities were constructed to store the somewhat scarce supply of wheat during the times of famine. Once these storage silos were made the need for a workforce in of foreigners in Egypt would be to be supplementary to the peasants who were already conscripted to work for Pharoh. There must have been some cultural or social reason why Pharoh wanted to have the Hebrews stay in Egypt.

When the time came for the Hebrews to finally leave Egypt they left by way of the Red or Reed Sea. To cross the Sea they needed it to split or part so that they could journey through it to evade recapture by the Egyptians. There needed to be a contract with the Sea to ensure it would split when so needed by the Hebrews.

The stipulation with the sea was necessary to ensure that the sea would reach an exalted state; by having a purpose and fulfilling it when obligated to do so. The contract creates the condition for its existence, at the time of its creation and for its continued being and recreation, at every moment.

This is similar to a student who is commanded to do something, whether or not the student believes it to be within his ability he fulfills the order. His fulfillment gives him strength, which is far greater than he had before, because he has pushed himself beyond his perceived abilities. Similarly, a bodybuilder lifts weights, which cause his muscles to tear, thereafter his muscles will rebuild themselves to be much stronger than before the workout. This demonstrates that one gains strength by challenging one’s natural state of being and can do so continuously.

The lesson I took from this sicha (talk) is that one can only be said to have every existed, if one strove to be the best one could have been, by going beyond one’s set potential to achieve one’s personal greatness.


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