Accentuate the Positive

When calling a business for any reason it is best to limit any criticism of it. You may want to point of areas of improvement. This applies, especially, if you believe that you can offer solutions to make the business better.

By providing a critique, rather than a criticism you demonstrate your commitment to building up the business, rather than tearing it down. No one wants to listen to a complainer. Certainly no one wants to listen to boasting of how great your service is in its own industry or how lucky any business is to have you work for it.

Like every area of life, it is best to blend or moderate the good with the bad. Include some pointers for improvement and then immediately offer solutions that you can provide to bring the revisions into reality. Be the champion sooner than later.

Before you make any calls or buy a calling list be sure you are ready to market your services by phone. While you will not be seen your voice will be heard and your voice needs to project your total service package. The words you say and how they are received will determine whether or not your company secures a new project. More importantly you are always putting your reputation on the line. Be sure to speak clearly and sound upbeat. A smile shines through your voice.

A top sales person once told me their secret to making great sales with every single call. They put up a mirror above their desk at their cubicle so they could be sure to smile at all times. On every call they sounded joyful and inspired the customers to be happy. Once imbued with happiness the customers will purchase the pitched services.

On any business call that is unsolicited you will likely have between 2 to 5 minutes to make your Big Pitch. Utilize the time make your Pitch a positive one for the majority of the call.

Also, be sure to include your name, company name and contact details during the first part of the call. You do not want to have your Pitch rejected and also remain unknown to this prospective client.

Even if the possible client does not want to employ your services, you want to actualize every opportunity to magnify the marketing capacity of your company with every call. Each time your business name is mentioned and / or thought of you have gained some market share. Publicity counts no matter how it occurs. Hopefully you always make a great impression.


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