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Article By Zack Steel and Alex Korolev

At Century Paving & Construction, we specialize in the NEW INSTALLATIONS of ASPHALT, INTERLOCKING STONE, NATURAL STONE DESIGN, CONCRETE and STAMPED CONCRETE. We also provide needed repairs and restorations to interlocking stone, concrete, stamped concrete and natural stone surfaces.

Our quality installations, attention to detail and warranty are unsurpassed in the construction industry.

We take pride in our workmanship, as well as in the planning and design of your project.

Our dedication to your project is absolute and will ultimately enhance the beauty, comfort and curb-appeal of your home; while providing durability, added value and lasting functionality.

 By providing services in many fields, CENTURY PAVING & CONSTRUCTION eliminates your need to deal with multiple contractors.  This translates to saving you valuable time and money.

 We would be pleased to offer you a PROFESSIONAL CONSULTATION, and  A FREE ESTIMATE on your next outdoor project.

Our Service Areas include:  Vaughan, Markham & York Region.


 CENTURY PAVING & CONSTRUCTION combines highly skilled workmanship, quality materials and high-tech equipment to engineer a durable and long-lasting ASPHALT driveway for your home.

 A well-paved driveway provides: Easy access, instant curb appeal and added value to your home, while maintaining affordability.

 We encourage you to ask any of our company’s representatives in regards to project details including : Scheduling, locate markings, excavations, and proper installation specifications. A well informed client is one of our top priorities.

All of our new asphalt installations come with a 1 YEAR INSTALLATION WARRANTY.

GREAT DEALS are available on ASPHALT PAVING, prior to AUGUST 1st, 2016.



CENTURY PAVING & CONSTRUCTION will provide you with beautifully, well designed CONCRETE and STAMPED CONCRETE surfaces, including:


*Garage floors


*Porch tops

*Stairs and footings


*Pool decks


ALL of our new CONCRETE and STAMPED CONCRETE installations come with a 3 YEAR INSTALLATION WARRANTY.

We provide more services for existing concrete surfaces, including: power washing, sealing and the repair and restoration of aging concrete surfaces.

Furthermore; we provide repairs to damaged concrete prior to natural stone cladding.

One of our specialties also includes the RESTORATION of damaged STAMPED CONCRETE.


CENTURY PAVING & CONSTRUCTION will transform outdoor surfaces with the timeless and beautiful durability of NATURAL STONE. We offer our clients a fantastic array of colours, textures and designs.

The luxury of natural stone will enhance and personalize all of your favourite outdoor spaces. We will provide you with the guidance and planning to help you choose a beautiful natural stoned design, which will suit your personal preferences, taste and budget.

We are FULLY COMMITTED to providing you with samples of natural stone and of design ideas.

We WILL gladly accompany you to our supplier to make your choice of natural stone easier and  more efficient. This trip to our suppliers will facilitate selection based on your own visual preferences. If, you are having trouble finalizing a design; our supplier has a broad arrangement of outdoor displays and a knowledgeable and well-trained staff.

All of our NATURAL STONE projects come with a 3 YEAR INSTALLATION WARRANTY.


CENTURY PAVING & CONSTRUCTION would be proud to create the perfect outdoor space for your home.

INTERLOCKING STONE  is available in a vast assortment of shapes, sizes,colours and of design configurations.

We deal with some of the best manufacturers and suppliers of interlocking stone, including: UNILOCK, BEST WAY STONE, TECHNO-BLOCK, RB, ALLAN BLOCK, PERMACON & OAKS.

We are instrumental in providing you with many options, which will add comfort, beauty, curb-appeal and added value to your home.


* Driveways

* Patios

* walkways

* Steps and landings

* Pool decks

* Retaining walls

* Rock gardens & water features

We only use and recommend POLYMERIC jointing sand, which helps to stabilize and bond interlocking stone, while minimizing water penetration and discouraging the appearance of weeds and insects.

All of our new INTERLOCKING STONE installations come with a 2 YEAR INSTALLATION WARRANTY.

CENTURY PAVING & CONSTRUCTION also provides the following services to all interlocking stone surfaces, such as; re-leveling, power washing, application of polymeric sand and the repairs and restorations of steps, retaining walls, curbs and other structures.

In certain cases, it is highly recommended to repair sunken interlocking surfaces, curbs and retaining walls to match proper levels of planned adjacent asphalt, PRIOR TO REPAVING.

GREAT DEALS are available on INTERLOCKING STONE DESIGN, until August 1, 2016.


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