Gateway to Finance

This is the Gateway to Finance for New Canadian Professionals 

How does an international banking professional begin their career here in Canada? By pursuing the gateway to finance professional can achieve success. To land on the right foot, a financial professional, from a foreign marketing background, must start out in a non-traditional role. Embarking on a job, at a financial services company, such as Clarica, could be the correct move for a new Canadian to make; especially if they have aspirations to work for a bank, or related employer in the future.

While this type of job might only pay commission and / or a small base salary, or offer a draw against future earnings; there are benefits for pursuing this path. Firstly, this type of work will allow one to get their feet wet in the financial services industry, and to become familiar with local, and national laws and regulatory practices, for the financial sector in Canada. Secondly, one will become familiar with industry specific terminology, and work practices. Thirdly, one will make contacts in the banking sector, which could result in a job offer at a future time.

To reach the upper echelon of the financial ladder, sometimes one must begin humbly, and start a few notches lower on the totem pole, than one might desire. Thereafter, one can aim high. Based on their acquired reputation in the financial services industry, one will eventually reach great heights.

Our role in the employment services industry is to survey the marketplace. Our goal is to find out what are the best starting points for New Canadians to expediently set newcomers on the right path. We do this by directing them to community-based groups, which are usually financed by the government; or in some cases by philanthropists, who want these supports to be in place to benefit the community.

Having worked diligently to amass their fortunes, these captains of industry want to help newcomers, and those who have recently entered the job-market, to easily advance in their market-sector. Obstacles that newcomers and native-born workers will face are similar. These challenges can include: language (industry specific terminology), culture (corporate culture) and social norms.

To be successful in the financial services industry, you will need to understand the structure the financial world and know the inner workings of it in the country and region where you plan to work. Without the right tools, which are to be gained through the accumulation of knowledge and diligent work efforts, you will not have the remuneration you had planned.

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