How to Think

Recently I was speaking with my friend about thinking. It might seem like a strange topic and slightly odd. But, even while not being an official Philosopher, I felt I could contribute to this discussion in a thoughtful way.

I had just completed reading a book specifically about thinking. Having read this book numerous times, I am slowly beginning to understand how to think. Is it an obvious process that everyone knows how to postulate an idea and then they consider that they have thought? Not exactly correct. On the average, it might seem that thought processes begin through the pursuit of knowledge. Then, once one has attained that knowledge, one will make an effort to understand the knowledge and thereby possibly come to understand the knowledge. Then one will gain wisdom from having the understanding of the knowledge and use this wisdom to learn and grow through acquiring additional knowledge.  This is one possible method for thinking.

But there is another perspective on the thinking process and its development. What if we first suppose that one should first focus on refining our faculty of thought and our thinking processes? Then having achieved this goal, we will we strive to develop wisdom and refine our faculty of thought. Through having developed our ability to develop wisdom and having refined our faculty of thought, we will come to understand our own process of thinking and realize how we acquire knowledge within our brain and within our being. Thereafter we can now strive to acquire knowledge and be able to utilize the knowledge practically.

There is clearly an Internet and it seems to be a vast database of inter-connected systems (servers & ports), housing and referring massive amount of information (data) and routing it to various search engines. Is it a bizarre postulation that perhaps the real Internet is really the world as a whole in which we exist? That perhaps we are the portals, servers connected to various ports, comprising a network and receiving and distributing data to the world through our very existence. Just through our perceiving, processing, thinking, refining, developing & redistributing data we are being shaped and shaping the construct – the world.

It is not so important what we search for on the internet or what great information it contains. It is of greatest importance how we interact with the data; and simultaneously are the data, which powers the construct of which we are simultaneously composed.

Based in part of the works of Schneur Zalman, of Liadi – The TANYA – Through My Continuous Reading of this Great Work I Have Come to Think Differently.


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