SPIN Doctors

In every arena of life there are issues that arise. In politics for example, politicians can ‘slip up’ by saying the wrong thing. Making an inappropriate statement or saying something that is totally unrelated to the question posed or not inline with their seeming campaign strategy, is often the norm for politicians.
The reasons politicians say the so-called wrong thing from time to time, is due to their speeches being written by speechwriters. If the composed text does not resonate with the politician, then they may intentionally blunder the entire speech, or worse yet inadvertently misstate only part of the speech.

It is a mystery, to me, why politicians do not write their own speeches. This process would ensure that they will not make any mistake when giving it over to an audience. Perhaps they are too busy developing policies and attending debates to be able to pen their own text.

In the realm of celebrity, movie stars, television stars and even actors on commercials do not write their own lines. Improvisation is not possible, because everything must be scripted and reviewed by editors. Even interviews are prepared for in advance with the assistance of a coach.

SPIN Doctors are also involved in repairing marketing messes. If a company incorrectly advertises product with inaccurate specifications or wrong price, then a SPIN Doctor will be employed to reiterate the advertisement to read the right way, while retaining the business brand and being reliable. A company’s image is worth far more than the cost of hiring a marketing expert of Public Relations firm to repair an advertisement or ad campaign.

What happens, however, when a speech is not said as written and not presented as initially intended? SPIN Doctors are needed to remedy the sickness of wrong words spoken. Corporate Communicators, Publicists, Public Relations Advisers and ad agencies can come to the rescue by putting a SPIN on the misstatements or other blunders.

SPIN Doctors will restate what was said and explain what was really meant, by what was erroneously said. SPIN Doctors apply a healing remedy to correct the ‘sickness’ of silly statements. They may recommend a retraction of seemingly inaccurate quote. The misspoken presenters may need to appear in some positive campaign commercials or be a guest on a talk show to re-present their image and regain their status.

Who are the best SPIN Doctors? Where can they be found? Probably wherever the money is the most ample supply. The definition of a SPIN Doctor is a professional who manages the reinstatement of an image for a person of notoriety. SPIN Doctors are required everywhere and at times.


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