Scripted Reality

Is it true that everything we see or hear is scripted?

Whether on television or on the radio or on the Internet, every word and every motion and sound is perfectly scripted to excellent. Or sometimes the presentation is not as great as was once thought when penned on paper.

Let us take the Actor’s Award Ceremonies. I call them by this title so as not to offend the institution or organization or its members. If you do not know to whom or what I am referring, then you are not in the ‘entertainment know’.

Why can actors not ever say what is really on their mind? Why must they always make self deprecating statements about themselves, just because they are told to do so, since ‘it is in the script’. Actors should be able to seem human, because they are human. We may refer to them as celebrities ‘of the constellations or celestial realm’, or as ‘stars’, but they are just people

What really surprised me about the Awards Ceremony last night was that when award nominations were presented for Engineers there was snide sarcasm about the roles that Engineers play in film. Nowadays almost all films are made inside a studio in front of a ‘green screen’. Without Engineers, whether they be Design Engineers, Sound Engineers or Computer Engineers, nearly no films would possible.

More than this, it seems that without Writers and / or Screenwriters, then would be no stories and certainly no scripts for actors to read. Scripts and screenplays are essential to determining the story and the setting or design of a movie and / or play. These unseen contributors are solely responsible for the story and context.

There seemed to little if any mention of the true champions of film, the Writers and Engineers. Actors are important as well. But as noted by the host, during the Awards Ceremony last night: “Some roles are written to be winners.” By simply writing a role with the right speech and / or dialogue a Screenwriter can ensure an award for the actor who plays that role.

While there was mention about politics, no purpose was justified in so doing. Who is anyone to question the leader of the nation, once duly appointed about how it is managed?

Why was there no mention of how actors and the film industry have contributed to eradicating poverty, hunger and / homelessness? Perhaps these real matters simply were not fit for the script?

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