Proposal Speeches


As I present to you this ring,

My heart does sing.

Let us join two into one,

Before the setting of the sun,

A bridge of our souls,

Let us begin to share our goals.

Please say yes,

Don’t make me guess.

I propose to give you my best,

You are unique among all the rest.

Marry me,

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In you walked and danced as you moved in rhythm,

Your body made lines as fine as a prism,

A glow shone about you – in every direction,

From your ever bursting light I shielded myself for protection,

You spoke words, but I only heard sounds,

Undone have you my reality by great bounds,

In love with you I am and have always been,

How you treated me should be counted a sin,

Cold you were to the touch,

Icy was your demeanor – much too much,

You had me wrapped around your finger,

In my being you will always linger,

I do not recall when you left,

Your absence has made me feel bereft,

My snare remains ever cleft!

Soul Mates

There is a soulmate for everyone, just ask around,

Not a casual dating partner or some fool on the rebound,

There is a special match for you,

It is real and surely true,

To have and to hold,

To stand strong and be bold,

You will find that person who is your other half,

It may take some time and effort to separate the wheat from the chaff,

You must shepherd your lost sheep,

Comfort it with a big hug even during sleep,

There is soulmate for everyone,

Sometimes spiritual matters get lost when people are just looking for fun.


Images pour forth with great strides,

Reflections spread out on all sides,

Movements glide forth like tides,

From the bright shine of the Sun,

Light bursts outward – like a homerun,

In the air – fragrance of cinnamon wafts, from hot cross buns,

The sights are awesome all around,

So much celebration and sound,

Singers and dancers abound,

At the carnival are seen great sights,

Clowns with smiles brighter than lights,

Jugglers so precise – spinning objects like dice,

With the sweet smell of cotton candy in the air,

Mimes mimicking one another with flair,

The circus tent is the lions’ new lair,

Audience sits in suspense, as the tight rope walker starts to tread,

Spectators munch softly on gingerbread,

Elephants move only as led,

Crack of the whip starts the show,

Shining ornaments, on ponies, cause the tent to glow,

Everyone can see centre stage – no matter their row,

Each seat has a gift wrapped with a bow,

Acrobats flip about, and steal the show,

Celebration and cheer all around – every smile seems to glow.

Poetry by Zack Steel, published Poet. Review more of his compositions on


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