Canada Israel Fashion Week


n show day, approximately
600 attendees are expected,
who will not only
be a part of a lavish
“blue carpet” event spiked with
celebrity, influencer and media
attendees, but who will in
addition have the opportunity
to connect with the amazing
designers, artists and notables

On September 15th 2024, Canadian – Israeli and Canadian Jewish Designers will be set to showcase their collections at the transformed IMPROVE building in Vaughan.
The 300.000sqft building is home to an array of distinguished and unique home improvement and decor companies who will also be participating in transforming the space into a coveted and immersive fashion venue with a variety of artistic experiences.

This is a first-ever, excellent opportunity for Canadian-Israeli designers to bring focused awareness to their talent, to gain substantial media exposure and writeups, as well as to generate direct sales at the pop-up retail space.

Two shows are to be set on the Main Event Day.

The 1st show is to be a showcase of modest, yet modern
and extravagant styles, an excellent opportunity for a religious clientele to be inspired with new ideas, new ways of styling and the opportunity to shop new styles as the
market gearing towards this clientele tends to be quite limited. This show is expected to open new doors for consumers, and an opportunity to support and discover Canadian/Israeli fashion clothing and apparel.

Immersive Fashion Exhibits and Art Exhibits

The 2nd show, a grandiose presentation of contemporary street-styles with an array of evening looks is sure to be a stunner, as each and every outfit is expected to turn heads for a second look!

Attendees for this show are expected to be from all avenues of life, but surely individuals with a love for creative arts, new and innovative styles and styling will find products
to suit their distinguished tastes.

The IMPROVE building will be transformed to become a 4D experience, with Installations, carefully selected and innovatively presented decor, paired with Digital experiences, visuals, performances and live artists.
This fabulous night will truly focus on the beauty
and talent that Canadian Israelis, Israelis and
Canadian Jewish Community possess
and have to offer the World!

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