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Man in Mirror

Did you ever hear the song: Man in the Mirror, sung by Michael Jackson? One of the lyrics is: “If you want to make the world a better place, then take look in the world and make a change. What, if anything does this phrase mean? Perhaps Michael Jackson or whoever was the actual composer […]

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Recollection I recall when it was ball of joy and good times with my Zady, In Florida – to walk on the beach we would go, he played shuffleboard like a pro He told great stories at the table on Friday night – by the candlelight, On the Jewish holidays of Hanukah and Passover, we […]

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It Is Not You It Is Me

This cliché’ is surely stupid, boring and inaccurate at the very least. Of course the situation or feeling must involve the person to whom the statement is being directed. Otherwise the expression would not be made in the first place. So the question remains: Why do people in various types of relationships say: “It is Not […]

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Top Ten Brain Training Games

Do you ever wonder about your brain? Is it getting enough exercise? Has it been trained to think properly? How can one know if one’s brain is working correctly? To be sure, one should regularly play brain training games to keep one’s mind in fit shape. I have ranked what believe to be the best […]

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Song of Balance

Can you hear the song of balance that is all around you; wherever you are in the world? It is a global symphony being played in unison for splendor and joy. Everyone and everything in the world produces a vibration. The vibration gives off a frequency, which functions rhythmically. It is like there is a […]

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Personal Development for Smart People

Mind As Mirror Meditation MIND AS MIRROR BECAUSE IMAGE IS MIRRORED BEFORE LIGHT The mind is a mirror. The world for oneself is the mind for oneself. The two are one. One is not two. What is projected onto the mirror will be reflected from the mirror. Experience reflects outward from what was inward. Life […]

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