Are you a small, medium or large sized business? Do you need to create or enhance a brand image for your company? Make sure your company is seen by all and well known among your target demographic.

Great copywriting builds and enriches your business image in the mind of your key consumers. I have composed superior copy for various clients in diverse industries. I have won competitions on, which is a one-stop shop for copy for businesses in all sectors.

My copy has been used for Media Advisories, Press Releases, magazine articles, news articles, newsletters and targeted advertising campaigns.

I can draft a marketing plan for your business online or in print. Whether you are interested in a digital or printed promotional strategy, I can design a campaign to position your business at the top of your sector for your chosen niche. Advertising options abound, such as posting ads on relevant industry websites.

Posting content regularly on professional social media portals such as LinkedIN can help your company build a solid organic following of interested subscribers. This business gateway also offers a sleek business profile page and allows for creation of a business group. They key to growing the popularity of company is to build a vast amount of followers who will also comment on posts. Interactions between customers and businesses ensure the growth of a long term relationship. People buy products and secure services from businesses that they know and understand.

By being a well known, well-liked and popular company a business can generate free promotion across a wide array of digital media and in print publications. Copywriting that resonates with readers develops a feeling of familiarity with readers. Content that is relevant to the needs of consumers can bolster the regularity of purchases by customers. Content should be created that is likely to be shared by followers and subscribers. According to increase in the desire of a customers to relay information about a business  so will be the likelihood of customers to buy from the company.

Social Media campaigns can be very effective in circulating your content to readers who are interested in your products or services. There is nearly no limit to the vast network of outlets for sharing content, including; StumbleUpon and Tumblr, among other effective social media portals that regularly share your content with subscribers by specified topic.

Please contact me directly to discuss your marketing requirements, at or by phone at 289-597-3093.

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