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Event Projects

Zack Steel created two major events in Toronto, at City Hall.  The first major event was The Newcomers Forum, in 2007. For this event he secured onsite event coverage by OMNI Television, Rogers Cable Television, The Latin Press, live event coverage on Voces Latinas Radio 1610AM and journalistic coverage in TorontoJobs.ca and various Spanish publications.

 Zack Steel  secured phenomenal presenters for this event, including but not limited to: Keith Pelley (former President of the Toronto Argonauts Football Club and current President of Rogers Canada), Mike Colle (former Minister of Citizenship and Immigration), Gerry Martiniuk (former Official Opposition to the Ontario Minister of Labour), Brian Lemire (former Director of Employment Standards for the Ontario Ministry of Labour), David Miller (former Mayor of the City of Toronto), Padre Hernan Astudillo (Director of the San Lorezno Community Centre and Voces Latinas Radio), Brenda Librecz (former General Manager of Parks Forestry and Recreation – City of Toronto), among other noted dignitaries.

Zack Steel’s 2nd major event at City Hall in Toronto was the Skilled Trades Forum for Women and Youth, in 2008. For this event he secured phenomenal presenters for this event including, Deb Mathews (former Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues and current Minister of Health for Ontario, Shelley Carroll – Toronto City Councillor, Rui Cunha – Director of the Pre-Apprenticeship Training Institute, Lisa Ludmer (former Director of Training – Permanent and Executive Placement), among other noteworthy presenters.

In 2009, Zack Steel created The Family Law Forum at B’nai Brith Headquarters in Toronto. Presenters at this event included: former Attorney General for Ontario and former Ontario Minster of Aboriginal Affairs – Chris Bentley, prominent Family Law Lawyer John Syrtash, Senior Child Psychiatrist – Dr. Graham Berman, David Colodny – Fraud Examiner and Yvonne L. Bricks, Stepfamily Certified Coach.

In 2009, Zack Steel also created The Big Pitch Environmental Forum at the HP Science and Technology Centre. For this major environmental initiative he secured phenomenal presenters including industry experts; in the fields of ecology, environmental sciences and engineering and technology for the environment. The speakers provided current, top-notch expertise on environmental solutions for students, community members and industry. Presenters included: Lloyd Helferty – Member of the Steering Committee for the Canadian Biochar Initiative, Katie Fullerton of Live Green Toronto, Colin Lacey – Stewardship Coordinator of Evergreen, Tonya Lagrasta – former Sustainability Coordinator for the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Cathy Nesbitt – Cathy Crawly Composters, Ellen McGregor – CEO – Fielding Chemical Technologies Incorporated, among others. As well, I arranged environmental industry leaders to showcase their technologies and services at the event, including; Eco-Gear Clothing, Green Union and others. As well, I secured great in-kind sponsorships for the event.

Since then Zack Steel created great programs for singles, as well as other great events.

In 2011, Zack Steel created a marketing and sponsorship campaign for the Canadian Yeshiva and Rabbinical School (now in Victoria College at the University of Toronto). He  also assisted in promotion of the inaugural convocation for the School. This initiative included: arranging for Toronto City Councillor James Pasternak to officiate the event, during the red ribbon ceremony. Zack Steel secured media coverage for the event, in the Saturday Edition of the National Post, on a cover page.

During 2012, Zack Steel created three great events for Maxi Mind Learning Centres; including excellent publicity campaigns and marketing plans for Maxi Mind Learning Centres. Zack’s phenomenal marketing efforts for Maxi Mind Learning Centres, included: securing a featured newspaper article in the Canadian Jewish News newspaper;  an appearance, prior to the event, on Rogers Cable Television; numerous features of the company on various television programs on Rogers Cable Television; including onsite coverage at an open house; and a company showcase feature that appeared on television China, which is a major desirable demographic for the services of Maxi Mind. Zack Steel also arranged for the main presenter at these events, Educational Director of Maxi Mind Learning Centres, Dr. Arnie Gotfryd, to appear, as a guest, on the Jerry Agar Show- NewsTalk 1010AM.

Please find information about these initiatives on the links below. Included in these listings are  photographs and articles:  Event Articles and Careers.

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All of the above information is to illustrate that Zack Steel is a capable marketer and promoter. He specializes in campaigns for new ventures and strategies for the growth and expansion of small businesses. Based on Zack’s prior experience, planning social justice / community events and his knowledge of social policy development, Zack is confident that he could be great value to your company. Zack’s assistance can include campaign development, a broad promotional media campaign, writing Press / Media Releases &  a great overall strategy for your: social, community, business and / or political presence.

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