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Where are all of the best deal properties undercover hiding? The ultimate in savings for homes, condos, land and cottages are masked as: Power of Sale, Foreclosures, Estate Sales, Trust Sales, Surplus Land and more. But how can you find these super deals?

To acquire the most useful information on properties in the City and beyond you will need to do constant research. There are numerous websites that promise to display Power of Sale and other discounted properties. Most of them exist just to house forms for you to input your personal and contact data. These details are later referred to agents who usually only have regular priced listings.

But there is an answer to your property investigation query. You need to find legitimate agents and websites that have actually been assigned discounted properties. These agents are real movers and shakers when it comes to quickly selling these properties leaving all parties satisfied.

The seller is pleased because the property was sold quickly with little haggling involved and the buyer believes they got the best price. I have been conducting research for the greatest savings in the City and throughout the Province. If you want a property search designed to find the perfect place to live, or a property for investment purposes, then contact me at For more information about a great deal on housing, please visit: Resale.Condos/Types-of-Discounted-Properties. Here you can read up on various options for alternative acquisition of real property, and purchase an all encompassing directory listing kit.

Up to Date Listings of Tax Sales & Auctions

Also, if you would like to receive regular updates of properties available through Tax Sales and / or Auctions, then please send a request to Resale.Condos.

Types of Properties for Sale Include the Following List:

Power of Sale & Foreclosure Properties

There are many properties that are sold through a Power of Sale or Foreclosure process. To learn more about these great deals and to register to receive updates on these properties for sale, please send an e-mail to:

Surplus & Development Land

There are often surplus or extra lots of land available for sale by a variety of organizations and businesses that are not listed on traditional listing services. If you would like to receive updates on these properties for sale, then kindly send an e-mail to

Property for Sale By Owner

Are a property owner that would like to list your property for sale with Resale.Condos?

So you have discovered that there are great ways to buy property other than through the traditional buyer and seller process. As a seller you might want to avoid having to pay high commission fees to a real estate agent to sell your home or property.  Tax sales are among the various ways to buy properties at great discount. But there are many others.

If you are interested in learning about the various methods for buying otherwise unlisted or alternatively listed properties then please complete the contact form below. An information package is available for you to purchase. As well, if you would be interested in an introductory course that highlights the property purchasing process through non-traditional paths, then you might want to register and pay for a short course that can enlighten you.  To receive further information or to enhance your knowledge, kindly complete the contact form below.

Also, please let us know if you would like to greatly benefit from our expert property research, to help you find your desired home or investment property.

Alternative  Methods for Purchasing Property

There seems to be a major shortage of housing and the cost of home ownership seems to be out of reach for the average person. Therefore, it is now the time search for alternative options to buy a home. While the traditional process is to contact a Agent and have them conduct a search on the Listing Service, if everyone is employing this system, then to be able to advance and to purchase an affordable property one will need to utilize other techniques.

Properties can be sourced through online and on site general auctions, government auctions, tax sales, Power of Sale and Foreclosure proceedings, among others. Also, surplus properties are sold by large corporations and by municipalities, alike. There are numerous online and in-print directories that list land, houses, condominiums and buildings for sale.

Finding unique properties and understanding the process involved in purchasing them requires thorough research with a specialized focus. Should you require assistance in this journey, please complete the following contact form.

Disclaimer: I am not an agent or broker and I make no guarantees or warranties related to any of the properties that I might discover during my research and which I may provide for review to a client. All matters related to title, financing and any and all registrations are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. It is recommended that a buyer consult with a Lawyer in good standing before considering an acquisition and definitely prior to submitting an offer.


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