Specialized Research

Research can be performed according to specific requirements. If you require particular information related to awards, bursaries, grants, scholarships and other financial stipends, then you purchase the Grants / Awards Listing Package:

For information and referrals to directories for bids and tenders on projects and assignments, kindly contact

For company networking, introductions and business referrals, please contact:

Research for Lawyers & Paralegals:

Memorandums, Research, Composition of Letters & Reports.

Memorandums created on the topics of: Direct Agreements – Consumer Protection Act, Partnerships Act, Libel & Slander Act (Trade Libel & Innuendo).

Reports created on the topics of: AGCO, C.H.R.T.

Detailed research conducted on the topics of: EI Act, C.H.R.A., Consumer Protection Act, among others.

Preparation for appearances before the Board of Referees, Umpire and other boards & agencies.

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