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Event Planning Services Forums

Event planning services for forums, trade shows, exhibitions, parties, seminars, workshops, community events and more. I have created two national forums at City Hall in Toronto; Newcomers Forum – 2007, Women In Trades Forum 2008. I also created a Family Law Forum that was hosted at B’nai Brith in Toronto in 2008. In 2009 I […]

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Best Event Marketing

How to create the best events through event planning, marketing and promotion? Best Events Event Planning Marketing and Promotion. The way to create the most eventful functions is by starting with a central focus or major theme and developing all other aspects of the event or festival around it. If your event is about a […]

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How Win Your Audience

The following strategies will offer excellent options on how to win your audience at an event. If you have music playing at your event, then be sure that it matches the occasion. Do not play senior citizen themed music at a family-day festival. As professional Event Planner you must know – how to not fail your […]

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Create An Event Visitors Will Actually Attend

The expected result of any event regardless of purpose or type is to have many people attend the function. It is vital to the success of an affair that the right people participate, and share in the value that is offered by the occasion. So it is to these key participants that a marketing campaign […]

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How to Get Great In-kind Sponsors

Fundraisers often wonder how to get great in-kind sponsors for an event or campaign. An in-kind sponsor process is similar to a barter system. In-kind sponsors will provide a service or product to you, in exchange for publicity or a preferred booth at your event. They might also want to receive VIP status. To get […]

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Make a Great Event Even Better

So you have sent out all of the invitations, advertized the event widely and called everyone you know to let them know about the function. What is next? Have you made sure that the event is properly designed? Will all of the visitors be impressed / accommodated upon arrival? Will there be intriguing activities for […]

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