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From Where Is Creativity Derived?

So you are a designer or a writer and you want to be creative – but you are not sure how to be innovative. In striving to design or script a topic you could perhaps review samples of other work in your industry for inspiration. But in so doing, you might run the risk of […]

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Best Brain Training Games

Do you ever wonder about your brain? Is it getting enough exercise? Has it been trained to think properly? How can one know if one’s brain is working correctly? Cognitive science is dedicated to the study of neural pathways, synapses, and various lobes of the brain. For one to learn everything there is to know […]

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Phenomenology Revisited

And so begin the ramblings. What if the effect is the cause and the cause brings about the effect? If all thoughts occur as a result of those to whom we connect, then our thoughts are not ours any way. Cognition is a state of mind. The mind is being, not solely in the brain; […]

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