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Man in Mirror

Did you ever hear the song: Man in the Mirror, sung by Michael Jackson? One of the lyrics is: “If you want to make the world a better place, then take look in the world and make a change. What, if anything does this phrase mean? Perhaps Michael Jackson or whoever was the actual composer […]

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Perceived Reality

How much of your perceived reality is real versus the degree of imagined fiction in your life?  Does the way you conceive of your world effect the way the world interacts with you? Are your thoughts and beliefs about people accurate? Perhaps what we believe to be true about others is partially correct. The remaining part of […]

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Phenomenology Revisited

And so begin the ramblings. What if the effect is the cause and the cause brings about the effect? If all thoughts occur as a result of those to whom we connect, then our thoughts are not ours any way. Cognition is a state of mind. The mind is being, not solely in the brain; […]

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