Toronto Event Creation

Toronto Event Creation & Project Development

For a scheduled meeting, or in advance of same, kindly provide The Big Pitch with any event / project profile (plan); and any sponsorship or other packages created related to the event / project. Also, please furnish The Big Pitch with names of all event related contacts, at all businesses / companies, and so forth, with whom you have consulted for this event / project. As well, The Big Pitch will require the names of all participating groups, organizations, businesses, companies, service providers, sponsors, publicists, media outlets and others; who are in anyway related to the event / project and with whom you have met with / or consulted with about this event / project.

To be able to properly assist you with your event / project, The Big Pitch will need to receive copies of any and all agreements (written and signed, or agreed to by e-mail or verbally), plans for the event / project and blueprints (layout & design) for the event / project and media documents. The Big Pitch will also need to know all prices that you have been quoted & the price list (or proposed price list) for campaigns, exhibitors, distributors, presenters and sponsors; if you have, as yet, created these items.

The Big Pitch will need to receive your proposed budget for the entire event / project; for marketing & promotion of the event project; for Event Planning Services & for any other services, which might arise.

The Big Pitch will need to know your timelines for the event / project, including;  marketing campaign / distribution of any promotional materials, creation of sponsorship letters & kits and send-out of same; meetings, registrations of exhibitors & sponsors, and others.

The Big Pitch will need to know if there is any current promotional campaign for the event / project. Also, The Big Pitch should be informed if any marketing / promotional materials have been created and / or distributed and if any sponsorship items have been created and / or given out.

Kindly notify The Big Pitch if you have allocated and / or received any proposals related to the event /project, or incurred any costs related to the event / project, as of current date. If you have received any contracts related to the event /project and / or if you have created and / or issued any contracts or agreements for the event / projects, then The Big Pitch will surely need to know about these items; and would, if possible, like to receive copies of same.

Any documents related to the theme of the event / project and /or to the style of the marketing campaign would also be of great value. Will the event /project be promoted in English, only or in other languages? If so, what other languages are being considered for the proposed event / campaign? Who is the intended demographic for the event / project? Is this event / project new? Have you created other similar events / projects? If so, then kindly provide any details about your ventures.

Lastly, for any prospective considerations of The Big Pitch – in terms of services, timelines, or goals – please express your expectations, as the earliest possible date.

Large Scale Event Process for Success

To properly promote a large-scale event / project of great magnitude The Big Pitch will need as much advance notice as possible. Services could include marketing & promotion of the event / project, with a great media campaign. Should The Big Pitch need to hire an additional service provider, additional costs would apply. (To Be Approved).

The Big Pitch can also create a sponsorship letter with sponsorship categories and a sponsorship package. Kindly indicate, if you are requesting assistance from  The Big Pitch, for the sale of booths & tables for your event, or if you need assistance with media / marketing purchases, or writing & promotional marketing campaigns. Also, please notify The Big Pitch if you are interested in pitching companies on advertising at your event, or if you will be requesting external participation for the event / project. If so, then please express your interest, in having The Big Pitch assist you, in so doing.

Potential media outlets for advertising could include, but are not limited to: radio, television, newspaper, magazine, newsletter and online ads.

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